Shoulder Bullnose Rebate Plane in Wooden Box

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A truly versatile 3-in-1 low angle plane combining the functions of a shoulder plane with the front extension fitted, a bull-nose plane using the small nose section or a chisel plane with the nose removed. The full width blade also allows use as a rebate plane and is easy to set using the knurled adjustment screw. Supplied in a wooden storage box.

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FAIPLANEBULL 3 in 1 Plane 27mm 152/99mm £98.25£117.90 Toolbank

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Great quality tool at a great price.

Needs a very minimal amount of work out of the box. The blade needed a new edge ( not unusual for this type of product ) . The body was flat and square except for the knife bed, there were some heavy tool marks which didn't allow the blade to sit properly, but 20 minutes on the diamond plate and it was all good ..... All in all a great versatile little tool at a great price

Reviewed by Marco Divetta on January 13, 2014

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