No.10 Rebate Plane

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A traditional bench rebate plane designed for cleaning up wide rebates and shoulders or large joints and for general bench joinery, where a full width cutter is required. Suitable for use on both hard and soft woods.

The high quality grey cast iron body provides both strength and stability, with a precision ground base and sides for flatness and squareness, a machined blade seating eliminates movement and blade judder. The lever cap is fitted with a brass locking screw securing the blade assembly and enables easy release for sharpening. Hardwood handle and knob for user comfort, all parts are precision machined for accurate adjustment.

Blade will require honing before use.

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FAIPLANE10 No.10 Rebate Plane 55mm 330mm £53.03£63.64 Toolbank

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This is a beautifully finished plane, the sole is perfectly smooth and flat in both planes, it is worthy of a much higher price, the blade is good. I would highly recomend this plane, it will do exactly what you need it for and the price is excellent.

Reviewed by mark casey on June 2, 2016

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