Tradesman Synthetic Paintbrushes

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Faithfull Tradesman synthetic filament brushes are manufactured using a 100% blend of solid round tapered filaments with a chiselled top for better performance and ease when cutting in.

A natural wood beavertail handle provides a perfect grip and balance making the brushes comfortable to use, the squared stainless steel ferrule helps retain an accurate head shape. These brushes will provide a good performance and can be used with all paint types.

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FAIPBT12 Tradesman Paintbrush 13mm (1/2in) 50mm £1.98£2.38 Toolbank
FAIPBT34 Tradesman Paintbrush 19mm (3/4in) 60mm £2.03£2.44 Toolbank
FAIPBT1 Tradesman Paintbrush 25mm (1in) 65mm £2.76£3.31 Toolbank
FAIPBT112 Tradesman Paintbrush 38mm (1.1/2in) 70mm £3.27£3.92 Toolbank
FAIPBT2 Tradesman Paintbrush 50mm (2in) 75mm £4.48£5.38 Toolbank
FAIPBT3 Tradesman Paintbrush 75mm (3in) 75mm £7.47£8.96 Toolbank
FAIPBT4 Tradesman Paintbrush 100mm (4in) 95mm £9.93£11.92 Toolbank

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