SDS-max Masonry Bits

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The Faithfull SDS-max drills have a specially designed shank which enables them to fit into any machine with an SDS-max Chuck. These are generally large and powerful machines and the special SDS-max drill design ensures there is no slippage.

All drill bits have a special L shaped flute profile for increased dust extraction.

Ideal for concrete and brick.

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FAI MAX12340 SDS-max Drill 12mm 200mm 340mm £21.04£25.25 Toolbank
FAI MAX14340 SDS-max Drill 14mm 200mm 340mm £22.37£26.84 Toolbank
FAI MAX14540 SDS-max Drill 14mm 400mm 540mm £26.72£32.06 Toolbank
FAI MAX16340 SDS-max Drill 16mm 200mm 340mm £28.14£33.77 Toolbank
FAI MAX16540 SDS-max Drill 16mm 400mm 540mm £32.72£39.26 Toolbank
FAI MAX18340 SDS-max Drill 18mm 200mm 340mm £29.33£35.20 Toolbank
FAI MAX18540 SDS-max Drill 18mm 400mm 540mm £33.83£40.60 Toolbank
FAI MAX20320 SDS-max Drill 20mm 200mm 320mm £30.56£36.67 Toolbank
FAI MAX20520 SDS-max Drill 20mm 400mm 520mm £34.75£41.70 Toolbank
FAI MAX22320 SDS-max Drill 22mm 200mm 320mm £33.54£40.25 Toolbank
FAI MAX22520 SDS-max Drill 22mm 400mm 520mm £38.87£46.64 Toolbank
FAI MAX25320 SDS-max Drill 25mm 200mm 320mm £40.38£48.46 Toolbank
FAI MAX25520 SDS-max Drill 25mm 400mm 520mm £46.94£56.33 Toolbank
FAI MAX28360 SDS-max Drill 28mm 220mm 360mm £49.68£59.62 Toolbank
FAI MAX28520 SDS-max Drill 28mm 400mm 520mm £60.54£72.65 Toolbank
FAI MAX30520 SDS-max Drill 30mm 400mm 520mm £61.79£74.15 Toolbank
FAI MAX32520 SDS-max Drill 32mm 400mm 520mm £75.27£90.32 Toolbank
FAI MAX32920 SDS-max Drill 32mm 920mm £114.92£137.90 Toolbank
FAI MAX38370 SDS-max Drill 38mm 370mm £75.98£91.18 Toolbank
FAI MAX38670 SDS-max Drill 38mm 670mm £112.00£134.40 Toolbank
FAI MAX40920 SDS-max Drill 40mm 920mm £141.22£169.46 Toolbank

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