Kitchen Worktop Jig MK4

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Designed for installing kitchen and bathroom worktops, these jigs are CNC machined in the UK using diamond cutters for accuracy. This jig will cut 90 degree left and right joints and the double-ended design permits corner fitting. The jig is guaranteed not to warp and includes cutting guides for routing out retaining bolt slots, six easy-to-use nylon aligning pegs and a comprehensive instruction book.

The 'KWJMK4' is a quality jig designed for making seamless joints in all popular postformed worktops in 300, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 615, 650 & 700mm widths. Cuts angles, chamfers and features a straight edge mode and an integral recess hinge and joining bolt cutter guide.

● All Faithfull jigs are designed for use with most popular hand plunging routers, which accommodate 12.7mm (1/2in) shank cutters and produce a minimum power of 1600 watts.
● Routers must be fitted with the appropriate guide bush
● Whether operators have used a jig previously or not, it is recommended that they should take time to read carefully through the instruction literature.
● We always recommend that operators should familiarise themselves with all the jigs functions, and that they should practice with the jig on some suitable off-cuts prior to working on the first installation.

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