T Handle Hex Keys

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Comfortable to use soft-grip T-handle Chrome-Vanadium hexagon keys with one long ball ended arm and one short standard hex arm. Ideal for repeated use and when more leverage is required.

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FAIHK20MT T Handle Hex Key 2.0mm 75mm 120mm £3.43£4.12 Toolbank
FAIHK25MT T Handle Hex Key 2.5mm 75mm 120mm £3.43£4.12 Toolbank
FAIHK30MT T Handle Hex Key 3.0mm 100mm 160mm £3.43£4.12 Toolbank
FAIHK40MT T Handle Hex Key 4.0mm 100mm 160mm £3.43£4.12 Toolbank
FAIHK50MT T Handle Hex Key 5.0mm 145mm 210mm £4.14£4.97 Toolbank
FAIHK60MT T Handle Hex Key 6.0mm 145mm 210mm £4.14£4.97 Toolbank
FAIHK80MT T Handle Hex Key 8.0mm 190mm 260mm £4.43£5.32 Toolbank
FAIHK100MT T Handle Hex Key 10.0mm 190mm 260mm £5.31£6.37 Toolbank

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I need to know how long the blade part on the long arm of the HK30MT T-handle hex key is. I have found some info on the amazon page that says the total length is 21.5cm but i am assuming that includes the handle part but i really need to know the length from the base of the handle to the tip of the ball end.

Asked by Omair Ghafur on November 27, 2014, 1:42 pm


Hi Omair, the 3mm T handle Hex Key has a blade length of approx 98mm.

Size - Blade Length (approx)

2.0mm - 78mm

2.5mm - 78mm

3.0mm - 98mm

4.0mm - 98mm

5.0mm - 145mm

6.0mm - 145mm

8.0mm - 190mm

10.0mm - 190mm

Answered by Faithfull Tools on November 27, 2014, 2:58 pm