Abrasive Flap Wheels

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These flexible and long lasting aluminium oxide flaps are secured with a resin bond for extra strength and a long service life. Their design ensures a consistent finish making them ideally suited for sanding shaped and curved workpieces without the risk of clogging. The wheels have a built-in 6mm arbor shaft for securing in the chuck of most power drills.

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FAI FW5020C Flap Wheel 50mm 20mm Coarse1 £2.96£3.55 Toolbank
FAI FW5020M Flap Wheel 50mm 20mm Medium1 £2.96£3.55 Toolbank
FAI FW5020F Flap Wheel 50mm 20mm Fine1 £2.96£3.55 Toolbank
FAI FW6030C Flap Wheel 60mm 30mm Coarse1 £3.72£4.46 Toolbank
FAI FW6030M Flap Wheel 60mm 30mm Medium1 £3.72£4.46 Toolbank
FAI FW6030F Flap Wheel 60mm 30mm Fine1 £3.72£4.46 Toolbank
FAI FW6040C Flap Wheel 60mm 40mm Coarse1 £4.31£5.17 Toolbank
FAI FW6040M Flap Wheel 60mm 40mm Medium1 £4.31£5.17 Toolbank
FAI FW6040F Flap Wheel 60mm 40mm Fine1 £4.31£5.17 Toolbank
FAI FW8030C Flap Wheel 80mm 30mm Coarse1 £4.94£5.93 Toolbank
FAI FW8030M Flap Wheel 80mm 30mm Medium1 £4.94£5.93 Toolbank
FAI FW8030F Flap Wheel 80mm 30mm Fine1 £4.94£5.93 Toolbank

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