Black Flex Tubs

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Flex Tubs are ideal for use around the garden, home, on the building site, farm or stables.
Made from heavy-duty Polyethylene, these tubs feature super-strong comfortable handles and are ideal for solids and fluids.

Applications include:
carrying items, pouring liquids, mixing concrete, animal feed. Just apply pressure to loosen dried mix.

Environmentally friendly black Flex Tubs are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

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FAIFLEX15B Flex-Tub Black 15L 33cm 23cm £4.53£5.44 Toolbank
FAIFLEX28B Flex-Tub Black 28L 39cm 29cm £6.86£8.23 Toolbank
FAIFLEX42B Flex-Tub Black 42L 44cm 33cm £7.79£9.35 Toolbank
FAIFLEX60B Flex-Tub Black 60L 53cm 36cm £10.26£12.31 Toolbank

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