Cable Ties - Barrel (1200)

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1200 Assorted cable ties in a re-usable plastic storage barrel, 5 popular sizes and colours. Easy to use with hundreds of uses around the home, garden and workplace.

Barrel contains the following mix:

1002.5mm100mm (4 inch)Black
1002.5mm100mm (4 inch)White
1002.5mm100mm (4 inch)Yellow
1002.5mm150mm (6 inch)Black
1002.5mm150mm (6 inch)White
1002.5mm150mm (6 inch)Blue
1002.5mm200mm (8 inch)Black
1002.5mm200mm (8 inch)White
1002.5mm200mm (8 inch)Red
753.6mm250mm (10 inch)Black
753.6mm250mm (10 inch)White
753.6mm300mm (12 inch)Black
753.6mm300mm (12 inch)White

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