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Ideal for use where temporary but secure fastenings are required. The connection is made by the hexagon locking collar.

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FAICHQL35 Quick Links Zinc Plated 3.5mm 28 x 10mm 4 £1.78£2.14 Toolbank
FAICHQL50 Quick Links Zinc Plated 5mm 39 x 12mm 4 £2.40£2.88 Toolbank
FAICHQL60 Quick Links Zinc Plated 6mm 46 x 14mm 4 £3.52£4.22 Toolbank
FAICHQL80 Quick Links Zinc Plated 8mm 59 x 18mm 2 £3.52£4.22 Toolbank
FAICHQL35S Quick Links Stainless Steel 3.5mm 28 x 10mm 4 £5.32£6.38 Toolbank

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