Pro Blacksmiths HSS Drill Bits

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Faithfull M2 HSS Professional Blacksmiths drills are milled bits manufactured from M2 HSS with a bright finish and a reduced 12.7mm shank and 150mm length.

These are ideal for general purpose use in metal and wood, suitable for use in bench or hand held equipment with a 13mm chuck capacity.

Suitable for use in:
● Alloy Steels
● Carbon Steels
● Cast Iron
● Hardened Alloy Steels
● Stainless Steels

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FAIBD14PRO Blacksmiths Drill Bit 14mm 150mm £10.60£12.72 Toolbank
FAIBD15PRO Blacksmiths Drill Bit 15mm 150mm £11.63£13.96 Toolbank
FAIBD16PRO Blacksmiths Drill Bit 16mm 150mm £12.61£15.13 Toolbank
FAIBD17PRO Blacksmiths Drill Bit 17mm 150mm £14.09£16.91 Toolbank
FAIBD18PRO Blacksmiths Drill Bit 18mm 150mm £16.21£19.45 Toolbank
FAIBD19PRO Blacksmiths Drill Bit 19mm 150mm £18.33£22.00 Toolbank
FAIBD20PRO Blacksmiths Drill Bit 20mm 150mm £19.71£23.65 Toolbank
FAIBD22PRO Blacksmiths Drill Bit 22mm 150mm £23.09£27.71 Toolbank
FAIBD25PRO Blacksmiths Drill Bit 25mm 150mm £29.29£35.15 Toolbank

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