Steel Wool

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Industrial quality steel wool for preparing surfaces for finishing. Available as a 450g (1lb) roll or 200g (7oz) pre-packs.

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FAIASW12C Steel Wool 200g Coarse £3.58£4.30 Toolbank
FAIASW12M Steel Wool 200g Medium £3.58£4.30 Toolbank
FAIASW12F Steel Wool 200g Fine £3.58£4.30 Toolbank
FAIASW12VF Steel Wool 200g Very Fine £4.63£5.56 Toolbank
FAIASW14 Steel Wool 450g 4 Very Coarse £7.07£8.48 Toolbank
FAIASW13 Steel Wool 450g 3 Coarse £7.07£8.48 Toolbank
FAIASW112 Steel Wool 450g 1-2 Medium £7.07£8.48 Toolbank
FAIASW1O Steel Wool 450g O Fine £7.07£8.48 Toolbank
FAIASW1OOO Steel Wool 450g OOO Very Fine £9.96£11.95 Toolbank
FAIASW1OOOO Steel Wool 450g OOOO Super Fine £11.15£13.38 Toolbank

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