Stone Grinding Disc Depressed Centre

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High quality abrasive discs for use on most building materials, with a wide variety of machines from small mini-grinders to large stationary cutting-off machines.

It is important to choose between a metal or stone cutting disc according to the material being cut, and to ensure that the correct wheel is properly mounted.

● Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully.
● Wear goggles to guard against flying chips or dust.
● Inspect the condition of the wheel frequently.
● Adjust the guard to deflect sparks and dust.
● Maintain the revs and let the wheel do the work.
● Don't use Depressed Centre cutting discs as grinding wheels.

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FAI1006SDG Stone Grinding Disc 100mm 6mm 16.00mm £1.27£1.52 Toolbank
FAI1156SDG Stone Grinding Disc 115mm 6mm 22.23mm £1.54£1.85 Toolbank
FAI1256SDG Stone Grinding Disc 125mm 6mm 22.23mm £1.76£2.11 Toolbank
FAI2306SDG Stone Grinding Disc 230mm 6mm 22.23mm £4.58£5.50 Toolbank

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